Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 25

‘Good afternoon Sir I am Peter, Marks friend’

‘MARK! MARK! His name is Sue and don’t ever forget it’

‘If you have no respect for your son then you are not worth knowing’ contempt clearly showing in his voice knowing this would rile him.

His face as red as beetroot he charged at Peter brandishing his quirt and yelling oaths at the top of his voice.

Peter had noticed the ornamental water pond so started to jog towards it keeping ahead just out of reach of Mark’s father and increasing speed Peter could hear the gasping getting louder and louder.

Suddenly Peter side stepped and gave a little nudge, knocked off balance Marks father took the plunge into the pond stirring the muddy bottom. He immerged covered with rotting leaves, mud and frogs spawn.

Everyone had started running after them including the boy and staff arriving just as he stood up still waist deep in now stinking water.

He yelled ‘Get me out’

‘No not yet’ said Peter

‘I demand NOW!

‘I will lift you out, only if you promise to call your son Mark not Sue and treat him with the respect he deserves. What you don’t know is he captured an armed German pilot single handed, while he himself was unarmed. Now what is your answer?

‘Mark I will never ever call you Sue again also I will never raise my quirt to anyone or lose my temper again Peter you have changed my life I would appreciate the chance of a long talk over the weekend your welcome to our home.

‘Thank you Sir’

‘You on one side me on the other side it’s your call Mark’

‘Set your feet Peter now pull down Father when I say now! Push up. NOW!

He came out like a flying fish to land four feet from the edge grabbing mark and giving him a big hug the only thing Mark could think of was ‘Father you need a shower you stink’

‘Son so do you’

They both headed for the stable block to be washed with a hosepipe before attempting to remove their smelly clothes, and then go for a shower and change clothes before returning to the main house.

The group returned to the home, staff rushing ahead to prepare hot drinks for the owners and their guests. The staff worried of the repercussions they had experienced in the past.  While the family congratulated Peter for standing up to him Paula looking glassy eyed as if she had just met a hero.

The butler ushered them into the drawing room where there was adequate seating for everyone calling down to the kitchen to send the hot drinks up in the dumb waiter to be served by him. After serving everyone he positioned himself where he could observe the Master and his Son approaching from the stables.

Judging them by the way they were approaching with arms around each other’s back, my lady there appears to be harmony between the master and son. It had not

Continued Friday


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