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Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me

Geordie opened up the engines

Then the brakes went off

We charged along the runway

Then Timmy said ‘we’re off’

The sky was lit up from the east

A glorious day ahead

The days that you look forward to

Instead of days of dread

We soared into the clear blue sky

To 30,000 feet

Timmy,  the First Officer

With me in the Captain’s seat

The first hint of trouble came

When Timmy said to me

‘You’ve set the course for Lisbon

But my papers say Dundee’

Now Geordie saw the funny side

As he turned to look at me

‘I’m not for Lisbon or Dundee

I’m down for Tim-buck Three

The cabin Stewards I called in

Cecil! You, loaded from the rear

Where are your passengers going too?

They’re travelling to Kashmir

Cedric! ‘You loaded at the front

What’s the worst that you can say?

Some are bound for Shannon

The rest, for Botany Bay

Out came their handbags for a fight

Stop it! I did retort

I’m not prepared to waste my time

Putting you two on report

I contacted the new dispatcher

The penny dropped as he spoke

Well! This is the first of April

So I did it as a joke

The Joker


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