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Writing Tools

The invention of the quill pen was an advancement on the burnt charcoal stick. Let’s take things forward again to the early typewriter, this was a fantastic advancement over the Quill pen. All the letters are of a universal size making reading easy compared to misshapen letters scrawled in odd sizes over paper.

Moving ahead the real brain is the computer age. For Dyslexics a miracle of the spellchecker let me explain.

First and foremost Dyslexics have a fantastic memory store of word shapes. Of the words they want to use but can’t focus on the spelling. Once you drop the menu of alternative words you can select the word you want you are ninety eight percent right

True it can put the wrong spelling up to the one you want this happens in all walks of life using the wrong spelling of the word with the same meaning.

The problem of trying to copy off a white board is the words are not of a standard shape or size. The dyslexic has to copy the words one at a time. The others can copy a sentence at a time. For every three words a dyslexic can decipher others have wrote three or four sentences.

When letters are joined the letters run in to each other the letter shape changes for example in becomes m, in is a word m is not.

Copying the words some you have to guess and not necessarily right, the whole sentence or paragraph becomes nonsense. To the person trying to copy, because you are slow you miss out the next two paragraphs then start again to try and keep up. This triggers inner panic and a whole exercise is lost. One solution is give the slow person a typed sheet to copy in their own time they still have to copy it but will be able to understand the lesson.

I hope this is a down too earth explanation I am dyslexic and seventy seven years and faced all the problems and found helpful solutions.


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