Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 24

‘Seventeen a trainee pilot I have never killed anyone.‘

‘Give me your pistol. Now walk with me into H Q.

Mr Grimly said, ‘This information must not be leaked out is that clear, nothing in your letters home. Mark is to receive a citation for bravery. Well done Mark!  It’s time to get ready for your evening meal.’

There is one thing that is bothering me Sir’ said Mark.

There has been no report of a plane crashing so why kick out a trainee pilot?

‘Peter and Rupert asked the same question?

We are keeping him out of sight until we find out the answer from him.’

Chapter three

Peter receives an invitation.

Mark received a letter addressed to Sue in large letters and Voss in lower case. Inside of the envelope there was a curt note, Peter I demand you to accompany your friend on his next leave in two weeks’ time. I want to see for myself if you are all softies.

Mark apologised for the note, ‘I will not subject you to his tyrannical behaviour.’

‘With all the training we do I promise I will not hurt him,’

‘The other news is my cousin Paula will be there,’

‘Is she the one you told me about? The one who suffered word blindness the same as me?

‘Yes, she is doing very well when I met her the last time she has gone from bottom in English to second top. Claiming she is using less  typex than she did before. Now they let her use a type-writer for her work. Although you have to visualise the word shapes soon you will have a massive storage memory of word shapes. The teachers have looked at your work and that’s why they bought you a present to help me to help you.’

After seeing Mr Young and then Mr Grimly with the note, permission was granted for Peter to travel with Mark to his Parents home for a weekend. Leaving on Friday lunch time they arrived late afternoon.

They could hear his father bullying a member of staff over a very trivial matter and the boy visibly shaking as he was being threatened with the riding quirt his father always carried. Looking on was Mark’s mother, his uncle and cousin and members of the servant staff.

‘When I say the water trough has to be kept full to one inch of the top that is what it means not one and a half inches. You will receive four strokes across your back to remind you, now turn around’

They walked around the corner causing an interruption.

Continued Wednesday


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