Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 23

‘A portable typewriter with paper and ribbons, I don’t have to go around borrowing from the teachers.  Mark, come up and look at this, Mark has been showing me how to read and write using borrowed typewriters. I would like thank all the staff for their kindness for giving me this present.’

Mr Grimly Said ‘I think Harry should have second prize and third prize to the team who came In with Tucker,’ ‘Now for the older boys I am going to start a course for unarmed  combat  and as you progress through the school. All of you will have the chance to participate because of the war.’ Twenty names were quickly added to the list for Wednesday night directly after school, all of the boys on the list were involved in other sporting activities.

Peter and Mark practiced as often as possible, the big advantage was Peter’s memory once he had seen the movement, he visualized the complete movement then they both practiced until they very proficient ready to learn the next one. After only five months of training they were far ahead of the others. Mr Grimly took the two of them to one side.

‘You have been using counter- movements without being shown who worked them out?’

‘Peter worked them out then told me how to do them Sir’

‘I want both of you to take the centre of the mat I will take on the two of you, use both attack and defence methods’

The rest cleared the area and took up good vantage points.

‘Mark will defend and both of us will attack and defend, Mr Grimly charged into the attack only to find at the very last second Mark had moved and then moved into the attack. Peter followed into the attack and a gain mark defended then attacked Peter.

‘Peter you and Mark change places. In came Mark. Peter moved and attacked even faster. Then Mr Grimly moved in with a different attack Peter countered and then Mr Grimly pretended to turn away then immediately attacked; Peter and Mark had practiced to expect this to happen and took Mr Grimly by surprise, he went into a forward roll and onto his feet. Now both together in seconds of trying they were both dumped one on top of the other in a tangled heap all three burst out laughing getting up to shake hands, the mêlée started again much to the delight they were throwing any person who came near in a comedy act, none of this had been practiced, it was all spontaneous then they took three of the spectators on to the mat, come on all join in after fifteen minutes it all stopped at once. Everyone gasping for breath they were all sporting bruises all claiming they had walked into a door.  Mr Grimly sporting a black eye took the assembly ‘Saying he had walked into a door,’ until he looked up seeing the others said ‘The doors have developed a way of attacking people’

To loud applause from the pupils who had joined in the mêlée. .

Two nights ago there was an incident during the early patrol led by Mark Voss.

They were all practicing camouflage, when a German Pilot parachuted from an aeroplane. Mark ordered the patrol to remain in hiding.

Speaking in German, to the armed pilot, ‘if you shoot me you only have a few bullets. Now if you surrender to me, I will take you with me and guarantee no harm will come to you. How old are you?’

continued Monday


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