Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 22

The other four boys had made it to the abseil Maurice volunteered to go down with Tucker. Mark and Rupert controlled the ropes so they could go down slowly when they were safely on terra firma they removed the ropes and waited for the other two to join them. Rupert pulled his rope down in case they needed it to help Tucker up the muddy rocks, the operation went very smooth, at the top the crowd went wild cheering them on rumours had spread about what had happened and they treated them as heroes, the four entered the river and washed the mud off then ran through the river and jogged to the finishing line by that time the whole school knew what had happened to Tucker.

A doctor was waiting to give Tucker a check over and decided because of the help he had received from his friends he was none the worse for his experience. The four boys rushed for the showers, a deodorant of stale water and stagnant mud is definitely not the smell of the month.

After the warm shower and change into clean clothes the boys looked more presentable. Every one gathered in the gym to hear the results. Peter was the organizer and time keeper. Drawing the runners before they set off on the run, their drawings were displayed in the hall of the school when they returned.

Peter appeared on the Gym stage to announce the winners.

‘Before I announce the results most of you will have heard of a problem arising from slipping from the rope bridge this will be relocated so this cannot happen again,’

There was a loud cheer from everyone.

‘The good news is Tucker finished the race and has fully recovered.’

More applause

‘Three other contestants forfeited their chances in the race to rescue a colleague in trouble. This reflects very highly on the comradeship of this great boarding school and all the staff who contribute to our education.’

A standing ovation for the teachers, with loud shouts of hear, hear reverberating around the room the sound was deafening this was well deserved.

‘Now we come to the results in reverse order in third place, only thirty seconds between all three is Harry. Come up and collect your shield.’

Harry received loud cheers and shouts of well done.

‘Now we don’t have a second because it is a dead heat between Mr Grimly and Josh,’

When the uproar died down Mr Grimly climbed up onto stage picked up the first trophy and called Josh onto the stage.

‘As Headmaster of this school I am very proud of all your efforts and achievements, as it is a student’s race I am presenting this trophy to Josh as the true winner of the race. I only entered for the pleasure of cross country running.’

The applause lasted three minutes while Josh held the trophy high.

‘Behind the scenes there has been a lot of organizing and planning of the route Thanks to Peter and those who worked as time keepers. As you can see there is a box on the table which is a surprise for Peter from the staff members to help you with your planning, come on open it Peter,’

Carefully removing the wrapping, his face lit up as he shouted with excitement,

Continued Friday


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