Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 21

Josh appeared. As he reached the crest of the hill Mr Grimly was nowhere in sight. He could see the school in the distance to his left.

Another obstacle three hundred yards away was an old wall to climb over, it was the wall of a derelict house with rubbish scattered over the floor, jumping down onto an old mattress full of stagnant water the spray spread washing out two rats that soon disappeared into the undergrowth. Tucker running out of the door passing the check point, he had to return to register and take a drink. Then set off again to try and catch Mr Grimly.

Maurice was only two minutes behind when he climbed over the wall and jumped on to the mattress there was a lot less spray when he landed then lost his balance and fell onto the mattress and soaked himself in the stinking water. Leaving by the doorway dripping with water and slime, suddenly starting to howl with laughter as he approached the checkpoint to register his time, taking some water to wash his face and hair, taking a quick drink then he was on his way.

Soon coming onto the rope walk, a single rope suspended two foot above a marshy patch with two rope hand holds, looking around for Tucker and expecting to see him waiting, not a sign, so hurrying across the rope near the far end he saw a pair of hands on the bottom rope and a face just above the mud without hesitation Maurice jumped into the mud which he knew was only two feet deep at that point, don’t struggle and I will have you out in no time. When I slowly lift your head and shoulders pull forward with your hands on the rope keep pulling, we are doing fine you’re on your knees stand up as I lift, both boys now standing up now we will take a short step to the left then close your legs. Mark ran along the rope stepped over the two of them and returned with a long branch then Rupert joined them.

Lock your arms around the branch, we are going to lift the branch to take your weight while Maurice pulls at your waist  towards the bank after moving a couple of feet Maurice felt the rise of  solid ground under his feet  getting a little excited he started shouting, ‘come on,’ in five minutes he was out of the marsh. Harry had stopped and they yelled for him to go on and win, three minutes later Josh ran across the rope keep going and we will bring Tucker in. Josh shouted ‘I will do it for Tucker,’

They checked in at the last point the other three had registered the last two gaining time on Mr Grimly the ones manning the check point wanted to rush to the abseil so they all set off at a good pace. Tucker leading, in ten minutes the abseil was in sight the other three had passed through and were on the last leg Mr Grimly sprinted the last hundred yards to check in first.

At the abseil the time keeper compared Harry’s Time he was twenty six minutes behind Mr Grimly. I will have to make up two minutes in the last leg making good time until he came to the muddy rocks. Which lost him some time, Josh waved to the crowd at the top. He was two minutes ahead of Mr Grimly so raced down the abseil by using a little caution on the muddy rocks he made the top without wasting time headed directly into the river slipped and fell there was a loud in-rush of breath from the watching crowd, and then they shouted come on you can still win.

Continued Wednesday


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