Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 18

dorm. To listen to the news, we knew we would be in trouble if we were found out. It was part of the game taking risks, in three days we were caught by Mr Young.

‘I should confiscate this but I won’t. I need to be kept informed of any changes in our position in the war.’

‘Mr Young you’re not just a teacher are you? We think you are part of national defence’ said Maurice and Peter ‘Because we have seen you go out at night and have followed you to a concrete place on the hill on the edge of the woods.’

‘How many in the class have you told about me going out?’

‘None, just us in this room’

‘Good! Keep it that way, it is known as sky watch. I have read your homework about meeting Martha and her two wolves and knowing about Hawk, Ned is my contact’

‘Ned showed us how to move in silence so we don’t disturb the wild life giving our positions away it was a great adventure for us and we learnt a lot about how nature works,’ said Harry.

‘We will go out in the woods on Saturday afternoon, for some stalking practice, it will be fun, Peter I want you to make seven copies of a map of the wood over there, I have the map in my office.

This made Peter feel very important, two hours later he had completed the seven maps these were drawn on graph paper. The other five wanted to know why the graph paper? Just then Mr Young walked into the room carrying seven small objects in his hand; these are compasses to go with your maps. Has anyone used a compass and map?’  Rupert nodded the other boys just shook their heads.

Gathering around the map lying on the floor, use the north position marked on the map move it to match the north position marked on the compass. ‘Now look out of the window and compare the position of the wood with the position of the map each square represents a position within the wood. Peter has marked all the paths and fire breaks. Now with your own map mark it down the left column from the top 0,1,2,3,4,5,6, and continue until the bottom of the column and mark along the top starting next to zero, I am giving you six sets of numbers each to mark on your maps do them by Saturday.’ Then Mr Young left the room.

The boys got together, ‘This is going to be a piece of cake’ said Harry until they found out they were all given different numbers, ‘That’s a dirty trick’ Josh exclaimed, ‘we each have to do our own home work, there must be a reason for it.’

‘I bet we have to go out and find all the places ourselves, are all maps like this with a grid on?’ questioned Maurice ’

‘Let’s go and ask at the library’ said Harry

‘When Maurice and Harry asked the librarian; do all the maps have a grid on them?’

The wise old librarian asked ‘Are you boys planning to run away’

‘Oh! No Sir’ Well I think you should ask Mr Young about it he is the best to advise you’…

Rupert and Mark joined the boxing club as a night time activity, boxing older boys was good experience it was clear from the outset Rupert had previous training he

Continued Wednesday


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