Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 17

Friday, that is when I inspect before you go to your class room. I am your class tutor and your sports tutor; on a piece of paper write down the sports you are good at with your names.’ Mr Young then spotted the object on the floor.

What’s this on the floor and who owns it? Rupert spoke first It’s a copy of a historic knuckleduster Sir, an heirloom one of a special collection dating back to the fifth century.’

‘This still has file marks on he said sceptically looking at Rupert

‘Well it is still to finish off I was hoping I could have some advice from the metal work teacher Sir.’

‘Put it away safe at the back of your Wardrobe for now! I do like a quick thinker,’ he said a disbelieving grin on his face.

‘Yes Sir’

‘Sir, Can I ask a favour’ said Peter ‘when we go into class tomorrow will you call him Mark, Sir instead of his name it will save a lot of trouble in the play yard Sir.

‘I will have to take that up with the Headmaster; I do take your point.’ He closed the door as he left the room reminding them to make the list he had asked for.

Phew! Thanks for all your help can I call you all mates?

There was a chorus of ‘Yes’ from the others in the room.

When the list was complete, the one that stood out was Josh; Junior High-board diving northern counties champion and cross-country junior champion three years in succession. ‘You have done better than any of us’ Said Harry the look of admiration on his face. Can we run with you after school?

There was a sharp bang on the door, in walked Mr Young ‘Have you finished the list?’

‘Yes Sir’

‘Good! Skiing and pony trekking, we don’t do them here so I will put you down for Rugby Rupert, Oh! Mark did you enjoy your evening meal’ ‘Yes Sir’ as you already work as a team you will report to me for Rugby training tomorrow night in the south gym after your four o’clock tea.  Then run to return to change for dinner tomorrow night. Now it’s lights out.’ He switched the lights off and closed the door. We all scrambled into bed.

We quickly fell into the routine of boarding school, then one morning at assembly Mr Grimly wearing a black suit and black tie made the dramatic announcement. We are at war with Germany Oct 1939. We didn’t really understand what was happening except we had to dig holes for Anderson shelters curved corrugated steel sheets  bolted at the roof then bury them in the holes we dug leaving the ends open. Within a week we had all been given our gasmasks and instructions to carry them at all times.

At the sound of a Klaxon we were instructed to put on our gas-masks and go to our shelter leaving everything else as it is, and then walk out quickly it is important that you do not run. We had a weeks practice at different times including through the night. This dwindled to two times a week or whenever an aeroplane flew overhead, this was good practice as it could save our lives.

Soon the home visits were changed to one weekend a month we were not given a reason. One weekend I borrowed a small radio from home and smuggled it in to our

Continued Monday


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