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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 16

Over the evening meal they were trying to guess the new inmate’s name, they decided to eat as much as they could and smuggle some for him in case he missed dinner.

They rushed up the flights of stairs, to meet their new roommate. He had taken all the things off Peter’s bed and out of his locker and dumped them on the floor. ‘My father is Sir Damien Voss. This is my bed and you will be my lackeys you will do as I say is that clear.’ Threatening the rest of the boys with his clenched fist just so you understand I am the boss.

Maurice said ‘Have you had dinner?

‘What’s it got to do with you nosey?’

‘My name is Maurice what’s yours?

‘I ask the Question’s not you, your name is nosey ok’

Without another word Rupert placed the food on his own bed then said Peter, Harry, Josh, Maurice you do the same a good meal was now on the bed we brought this for you In case you have had nothing to eat.

‘Bring it over here NOW!’

‘There is just one problem it is not your bed it is Peter’s bed. So if you move to the spare bed and return Peters clothes and his personal belongings to his wardrobe without any damage we will get along just fine’. Josh was showing signs of fear.

‘I’m not taking any lip; you will do as I say!

‘Ok now tell us your name before I thrash you’ said Rupert

‘Be warned I don’t fight to any rules we will make it tomorrow down on the cricket pitch’

‘We’ll make a start on the food mates or we settle this now OFF Peter’s bed pronto’, said Rupert as he moved towards Peter’s bed all the time watching his opponent’s hand trying to put a knuckle duster on. As soon as his hand cleared his pocket his arm fell numb hanging at his side from being hit with a karate hand sword blow. The knuckle duster fell to the floor from his numb hand, Rupert asked now what is your name?

His head hanging in shame ‘My stupid father called me Sue because he wanted a girl so registered me as Sue.’ From now on your name is Mark, you eat your dinner while we sort this mess out. Peter handed him his knife and fork, here use mine.

Mark blurted out, I have never had mates before, because of my name I was always picked on so had to fight, that’s why I have taken to be a bully in self-defence it felt good to have power over others to stop them calling me names.

‘Peter uses the window bed because it’s better light for him to draw his homework. He is word blind’ said Harry ‘Do you know what that is?’

‘Yes my older cousin was, until I showed her how to print out words. Peter, I would like to help you. I had a lot of fights because of people calling her stupid, dummy, Idiot and many more. I’ll trounce anyone who does it to you, and that’s a promise’.

‘It’s time we all shake hands to friendship’ said Peter.

In walked Mr Young sniffing the air ‘there has been food in here, it is not allowed in here from now on is that clear?’ ‘Yes Sir.’ ‘Now open up your wardrobes and stand bedside your locker.’  Good everything is tidy I expect to see the room like this on

continued Friday


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