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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 15

‘In all my years in teaching I have never come across anything like this, the boy is a genius; but coming down to earth, there are many other lessons to be learned. This lesson is about sums so remove your sum books and I will write five sums on the black board when you have finished put your hand up.’ In just over two minutes two boys put their hands up. Mr Young indicated for them to put their hands down. It was seven minutes before the last one put his hand up.

‘Josh as you were last, bring your book out and write the answer to number three on the blackboard.’

‘Is his answer correct? Put your hands up if you think he is correct?’ All the class put their hands up. ‘Yes he is correct. Peter you put your hand up second come out and filled in number five. Correct!  All agree,’ there was a chorus of yes sir. Then the bell rang for play time. ‘Put your books away then walk out, do not run like hooligans.’

‘I like him said Maurice He didn’t try to take the micky out of Peter by calling him a dumb, dumb like the teacher last term. He got kicked out and good riddens to him. Soon the rest of the class wanted to talk to Peter about his drawing two boys asked if he could draw them. Before he could answer the bell went to return to classrooms.

The first day back at boarding school flew over, after the four o’clock tea and a cake was over, we had to move to new dormitories and clean the place ready for the dorm head to inspect the room. There were only six beds, each with its own wardrobe and desk space. This is much better than the first dorm, there was sixteen  beds and only eight wardrobes and eight desks and bunk beds.

The view through the window bars indicated they were on the top floor overlooking the rugby and cricket pitches to the woods in the distance. We wish we were camping again. They said together as they started to laugh.

There was a timid knock on their door; Rupert opened it to find Josh standing at the door looking at the floor, ‘I have to room here I have been thrown out of my room’ ‘Hi Josh you’re In the same class as us come in, there is two beds so make your choice. My name is Blocky, Maurice, Harry and Peter.

‘I thought the teacher called you Rupert.’

‘That is true but after school everybody calls me Blocky, we better put our kit in the lockers and cupboard’s before our form master comes in to inspect.’

As we were finishing off there was a hammering at the door and in walked Mr Young.

‘Stand by your wardrobes when you open the door your clothes should be neat on the shelves, and your uniform hung up on the hangers, If they are not they will be thrown out and you will start again. He pulled six purple ribbons out of his pocket with names on; you’re purple two, you must wear these at all times they are used for interclass rivalry. There are competitions in all subjects and I want my team to be first, then he opened all the lockers, this one is the neatest you will all achieve this standard. Your welcoming meal will be in ten minutes, the shared toilets are opposite. There will be another boy joining you in this room soon after you return here. Now wash and dress and meet me in the dining hall in ten minutes. Move!

Continued Wednesday


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