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A Fabulous Blog for Information

A fabulous blog for information. Katherine Gleeson

Dyslexia group Increase awareness and Understanding

The key words of the blog.

I failed kinder-garden, and then renegaded to the remedial classes. And now have the letters MD after my name. WOW it is true.

This is a brilliant example of the potential of Dyslexics

Dyslexics have many underlying qualities in their own chosen field of study. There are hundreds of thousands of success stories like this around the world.

Reading about the doctor it became very clear that my information blog is correct. This may sound a bit big headed I have been studying hard for the last seventeen years to find what went wrong with my education. Then came to the conclusion the problem started before school days.

Having no one interested in teaching me the correct way any mistakes were not corrected by showing the correct way, instead letting me struggle the wrong way. Two wrongs will never make it correct.

I know of a boy of Fourteen suffering Dyscalculia each teacher past on the information to the next until a supply teacher spotted him on her first day and asked has anyone talked to the boy? This was met by silence. His next lesson she set the class a whole new paper to work through. Then asked the boy if she could sit with him? (She had seen his previous homework) the mistakes were obvious.

Do you mind me watching you write down the sums and the calculations?

The first set of numbers the numbers six and eight were reversed

Example 2358621 he wrote 2356821 it is difficult to spot he was confused between 8 and 6 writing them as 8 for six and 6 for eight than she asked him to read them out to her when he read them eight was six and vice versa. It was obvious because the eight /six problem had not being corrected from a very early age then maths is impossible to be correct. Within three months of the problem being solved he was rapidly approaching the top spot. The spin-off from this the teacher had gained all the pupils trust.


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