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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 14

Chapter two

Return to boarding-school.

On Monday morning, after assembly we entered our new classroom awaiting our new master.

‘My name is Mr Young I want your homework books on my desk now and woe-b-tide any boy who has copied. Has anyone done anything different? Or exciting?’ Mr Young asked as he viewed all the class at once.

Tommy gradually put his hand up; I met our head master at the museum when I was reading the royal family history, and he patted me on the head and in a clear voice said ‘Well done.’

The word ‘swat’ began to rumble around the room, Mr Young shouted ‘Silence! I will cane the next one who speaks without being spoken too. Taking the first book off the pile he opened it. WHAT! WHAT!, Looking at the name on the cover.  ‘Peter I want to see words not drawings.’

‘It is writing to me Sir, I can tell you everything that we did at the weekend from the drawings.’

‘That’s rubbish it does not make sense to any one, A drawing of an Indian Squaw with two wolves, it is in your head I am putting you on detention One hour per night for a week and you will write out I must not tell Lies.’

‘Sir I can’t write; I will try and copy it from the blackboard.’

His three friends stood up, ‘We all went camping at the weekend Sir’

‘Silence! You three come out to my desk now I am going to cane you for insolence’ the boys received two strokes on each hand and ordered to sit down.

Peter stood up ‘That is not right Sir they are telling the truth. I am not a liar we all went camping in a forest if you read their books they will tell you what happened. Or I will read my book to the class because I am word blind so I draw pictures, but I can use numbers for sums and measure things and tell the time.

Just then in walked Mr Grimly the head master. ‘Mr Young as this is your first day I have come to tell you about Peter he is a very talented artist, he can tell you the story behind any picture.  You will find him very interesting about wild flowers, trees and wild animals. Peter collect your book and sit down.’

Peter sat down opened his book to the first clear page and drew Mr Young in a few minutes while Mr Grimly addressed the rest of the class then said to Peter have you finished?’

Almost Sir, ‘some slight shading to the suit jacket that is all, Finished now Sir.’ ‘Now come and see your portrait Mr Young timed at six minutes.’ He did one of me while he was being interviewed It’s hanging in my office and will always remain there.’

‘I would like to compare this one next to a mirror Peter’ requested Mr Young     Peter removed it using the perforations then handed it to Mr Young, ‘You’re welcome Sir’ While Mr Young left in search of a mirror Peter did another drawing from memory. The way he had with Martha and the wolves.

On comparing them together Mr Young looked identical even to small details such as the number of buttons on his jacket cuffs and a spot on his tie.

Continued Monday


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