blog201, SERIAL

Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 13

hampers until last. Three trips each saw almost all things safely loaded into the trailer. ‘Collect the dishes and pack them into the hampers.’

Ned put out the smouldering embers of the fire. With a pail of water cooling the bricks and cooking plate and placed them in the rear of the trailer.

The group all walked around the camp site making sure there was no litter left, picking up the two food hampers they slowly walked to the trailer and lifted the remaining two hampers onto the trailer. The boys climbed onto the trailer and Ned climbed onto the tractor and started the blue Fordson Major tractor.

Holding on tight as they splashed through the river, up the rise to join the main track that would eventually bring them through to the forest clearing, they arrived early now a quick change into your school clothes and put your dirty clothes and boots in your bags.

Just as they finished changing two cars arrived. Suddenly the chattering exploded on my ear drums, everyone telling their own stories and they had notes for school. It was time to take them home for a bath and rest for the early return to boarding school.

I took May to one side and explained about the talent of Peter, just take a look at his sketch pad it tells the story of their adventures in pictures he will go far as an artist.

continued Friday


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