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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 11

will draw it later,’ once they reached the top there was a shriek from all four boys, the sun lit up a long and wide pool of tempting water with a sandy beach. ‘This is why we brought the towels we are going for a swim.’ Rupert said.

Maurice was hesitating while the other three were stripped off and away into the water. They were shouting and splashing each other it was a pleasure watching the boys being boys reminding me of my childhood. Then I realised Maurice was still dressed. ‘Can you swim? Don’t worry it is only three feet deep about up to your chest.’

‘Not very well’ he said not wanting to say that he could not swim and be a cissy. ‘Come on in with me and I will give you a bit of help instead of diving in. Ned walked in with Maurice up to his waist. ‘Now splash me,’ in minutes we were splashing each other water running down our faces and laughing as  we went under the water together.

As we came up, it was obvious he had not done that before. Not giving him time to think about it. ‘I shouted again’ after a few times he was doing it himself and grinning from ear to ear.  I could see the other three swimming around the other side. So I said give them a wave and go under the water then stand up. They started to race across using the crawl then suddenly started to slow down and stand up I was about to swim out when they started to swim slowly towards us. As they arrived they stood up.

‘Can we help Maurice to swim?’

‘Fine you could be better teachers than I am.’ Very soon they had him floating on his back on his own they floated him out to the centre of the pond then slowly they had him doing the back stroke with one either side. They let him swim towards me. They had been playing for nearly two hours Rupert decided Maurice had long enough time in the water for his first time. ‘Then suggested they would take him to the baths on boarding camp.’

‘You’re in safe hands with these three; soon you will be swimming like a fish.

Out we go and get dried. Put your dry underpants on, then wrap the wet ones in your towels and we will return for a meal, made with fresh picked mushrooms and bacon cooked on the griddle. I can just taste the treat it’s making my mouth water’. They trotted back to camp at a steady pace then they noticed smoke coming from their camp and started to run they could not see anyone.

Peter and Harry said ‘stop let’s not run in blind, we will see who is there first’ Ned caught up with them. ‘Is there a problem? We don’t know who is in our camp. Can any of you guess?’  ‘No’ the boys said

‘Turn around very slowly just behind them were two wolves, ‘Martha! It’s Martha great’.

‘Walk do not run’ each one hurrying trying to be first for a hug, When she had seen the mushrooms, off she went into the woods to collect plant leaves and roots using the few vegetables left and freshly caught meat. Everything had gone into the cooking pot and was stewing nicely. She could hear the boys hurrying, took the precaution of calling the wolves just in case it was someone else.

continued Monday


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