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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 10

‘That leaves the plates are they still in the river.’  ‘I’ll go’ said Maurice without any hesitation off he went.

‘Is there anything I can do?’ asked Rupert

‘Yes you can open that tin and cut the corned beef into small pieces, also collect the potato masher from the bag ready.’ Ned said.

Peter had returned with the nettles and started putting the leaves in the pot ready to poor the boiling water on the top. When they saw Maurice returning with the plates, things started to happen, Ned drained the water off the vegetables into the pot of nettle leaves, put the pan on the ground now, Rupert mash all the potatoes and vegetables in one pan then add the corn beef and mash everything together, adding a few shakes of pepper.

Maurice set the plates on the table; Harry placed the five slices of bread one on each plate. Peter topped the tea pot up with boiling water from another pan, Rupert brought the pan to the table and with a large spoon he shared the mixture out between the five plates sitting the mash on top of each slice of buttered bread. Then there was silence apart from the sound of knives and forks on tin plates. When all their appetites had been satisfied they sat back and drunk the brew with all the different flavours coming through. Soon they were feeling very sleepy and shuffled into their sleeping bags as the fire died down for the night.

Early Sunday morning, the air around the camp was filled with the smell of bacon cooking, this brought them out of their tents. The grass had a greyish cover of dew all over. They quickly dressed into yesterday’s clothes. ‘The breakfast is gypsy toast.’ ‘What’s that I can smell bacon?’ asked Harry.  ‘Well it is bread coated in an egg and milk mixture then fried in bacon fat. If you don’t want to try it, it’s all the more for me’ continued Ned.

It has reminded me of Oliver Twist, all the boys were soon queuing for seconds another slice for each of them was soon produced. After all had eaten their fill, Maurice volunteered to take the dishes to the stream; off he went with the plates as he turned around there were lots of white lumps sticking out of the ground he cupped his hands together and shouted come and see what is here! They looked over the embankment. Ned shouted. ‘Don’t stand on them they are mushrooms we will eat them at lunchtime the three boys grabbed the empty buckets and ran down to start collecting them. Returning to the camp with their mushroom collection the boys handed the buckets to Ned.

He picked out five open cupped ones a tiny sprinkle of salt on the underside of each one, then placed them in the frying pan with the bacon fat soon they started to sizzle mouths were open as soon as the mushrooms were ready five forks leaped into action as he said  they are very hot. Another five more mushrooms were picked out receiving the same cooking treatment. Satisfied, they sat on the logs thinking they were going to just sit around. Very quickly their dream was shattered.

‘Collect a spare pair of underpants and a towel.’ And close the front of the tents, we are going for a little run. Along past where they had seen Roger last night then following the stream it started to climb forming small waterfalls. We kept on running past four pools and then a large waterfall came into sight. Peter said ‘keep going I

continued Friday


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