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Foggy Foggy Gloom

Foggy Foggy Gloom

Into the forest maze we trek

Following a well blazed trail

Searching for the campsite

Faces, a lighter shade of pale

Twinges of fear start to gnaw

Bile churning,stomach raw

I ask myself was it fair?

To bring you into my nightmare

Confusion is the hour of twilight

Neither day nor neither night

Evening chills cut the air

Night sounds calling, everywhere

Legs, lead twigs taking root

Ankles shackled boot to boot

Trees turning to patches of grey

Bushes move in a mysterious way

As fog descends in corkscrew swirls

Owl’s screech, causing rattling jaws

Pitched the tent in a group of trees

While you shivered with knocking knees

Huddled inside our flimsy tent

Foetus shapes the hours spent

Will the soup subside into light?

What atrocity will happen tonight?

Large shadows loomed

Around our tent

Fear breading fear

The night now spent

Muffled muttering’s

Then a shout

Get up Tommy

We’re moving out.


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