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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 8

‘No, at night I spend most of the time in the woods looking out for animals in trouble and sleep during the day when there are a few animals about.’

Peter asked ‘are you an Indian?’

‘Yes and so is my husband Hawk,  we lived in North America and we are both Indian trackers we arrived six years ago and have been tracking injured animals in these forests ever since.’

Can I draw you for my homework book, she put a stool outside sat on it, then clicked her fingers the two wolves moved immediately one to either side, in fifteen minutes he had drawn her and the two wolves. When he showed her the colour drawing she shrieked ‘it’s me you have put me in a book them she hugged him until Peter could hardly breath, I would love a picture.

‘You can have that one I can draw another from memory’, Peter tore the drawing from his book and handed it to her saying this is for you.

In turn she hugged all the boys then Ned ,Thank you for bringing all your friends I hope you will come back to see me sometime. This has been a wonderful day of my life and I have a very special picture to put on the wall.’

Rupert took the lead into the forest to re-join the forest track, walking at a good pace after having their sandwiches and a mug of tea. It was still cool but sheltered from any wind, the boys in the rear could smell the pine smell. Harry was the first to comment that has cleared my breathing.

Pass this message forward but don’t shout move to the person in front tell ‘Rupert to stop in the next small clearing’ they walked on for a further fifteen minutes, until they all caught up with Rupert.

Ned said, ‘look down at the ground and tell me what you see?’

It’s the same as we have been walking on’ said Maurice.

Harry said, ‘There’s no smell of pine.’

Peter picked a few pine needles then rubbed them together the smell of pine was strong, then he started to jump on the needles, soon they all started jumping, in a few minutes the smell of pine was filling the air all around us.

‘Can we take some back with us to make the dorm smell good?’ Asked Harry then continued, it’s better than sweaty feet.

‘We can collect them back at camp to save us from carrying them from here’ said Peter.

‘For that good thinking you can lead on Peter,’ Ned said then continued ‘Maurice, you can take-over from Peter, and then Harry takes over for the final mile or so to base camp. The path wound its way around; sometimes up sometimes down every time we went up we caught the glimpse of a winding stream getting wider all the time. Climbing up the stony pathway to the highest point, Peter shouted it’s a dead end. We all arrived then looked over. ‘It’s a long way down how do get down Ned?’

‘Have you any Ideas boys?’

Rupert said, ‘we could climb down, I think this is Nellie’s staircase but it is not easy, I wish we had a safety rope so if any one missed a footing they would not fall to the ground.’

‘As it’s my turn to lead I will go down first’ said Maurice’.

Continued Monday


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