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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 7

It was a sheer joy watching him draw the falling water, then what he could see through the water, building up the scenery in layers to the horizon. A camera could not possibly catch the wild life that Peter had drawn, details such as dragon flies and birds on the wing that were just passing glimpses. Finally satisfied with his drawing he said come and see.’

We were all eager to see his work it was fantastic, in less than ten minutes. Rupert whispered to me ‘thanks for the memory, the joy on Peters face will linger forever.’ As he put his drawing away, ‘It’s time to move on we have quite a way to go’ he lead out from behind waterfall setting a good pace. Soon the path-way started to climb away from the waterfall onto a wide ridge skirting part of the forest, then he stopped the troop, ‘I think Harry should take the lead it is his turn.’

We set off again with Harry in the lead, after half a mile the track led off to the right into the forest soon the darkness of the canopy above shaded out the light.           Gathered above us a mass of overhanging branches, Harry shouted that he could smell smoke, a smell of wood smoke seemed to linger in the air. It’s coming from over there but the track goes past about fifty yards from the bushes, if it’s the start of a forest fire we better try to put it out. How do we put it out Ned?’

‘I think we better go over and take a look’ the boys volunteered Ned to lead. It was a massive rhododendron bush, on the outside but on the inside it was a wigwam, if it had not been for the smoke they would have missed it. Surprisingly warm inside, a fire in the centre of the space, with pans of boiling water hanging over it, ready to start cooking, and quite a few logs around to sit on. An old locked tin chest, also a few wood and cardboard boxes lying on the floor.  Harry said ‘As everything is safe and no risk of a forest fire we should leave someone must live here’

Just then they could hear a woman’s voice singing as she was approaching the wigwam. The singing stopped and a voice shouted come on out and show your- selves before I let these here wolves loose. The boys rushed out saying we are not frightened of a woman, only to come to a sudden halt when faced with a woman holding the two wolves on leads in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

‘Come on out Ned you scallywag I know it’s you, which one of these boys can I eat today.’

‘Hi Martha I thought you would like some company and we were just passing when we smelt the smoke so I knew you were in, besides it’s their dinner time and they are hungry any chance of a brew up?, they have their own food and I have enough for the two of us.’ Martha whispered something to the two wolves then they lay down and went to sleep. Come in and don’t knock’ the boys started laughing how can you knock on a tent? You can have Yorkshire tea or Yorkshire tea. Which one would you like two said the first one the other three said the second one. ‘Good I will make two pots.’ While they removed their doorstep sandwiches from their back packs.

‘The tea tasted great what kind of milk is it’ asked Maurice, ‘Goats Milk’ came the short reply as she was chewing on a piece of bread.

‘Do you live here all the time?’ asked Harry.

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