Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 6

drinking at the stream and this one is of you.’ It’s like looking in a mirror’ said Ned amazed at what he had just seen. Ned asked ‘Can I see your notes?’ expecting to see beautiful hand writing, Peter hung his head with tears in his eyes. ‘I can’t do notes but I can tell you everything we have done from the pictures.’ Ned said will you keep on drawing pictures and show me them when we have finished the weekend camp please’.

‘Yes if you promise not to laugh’

‘I will never laugh at anybody’s work; your work is really good I have never seen drawings that can tell a story, now I can tell a story from your drawings.’

The other boys had finished their notes, being boys; they wanted to see around the next corner. ‘Maurice you take the lead, Rupert you drop back to the rear.’ Walking around the corner first, Maurice shouted Wow!! Then took off running, closely followed by the rest of the boys, the sun was shining off a waterfall with a rainbow above it. Harry shouted ‘Come on Peter draw it.’ Rupert stayed behind as he wanted to talk to Ned

‘Ned! Peter can’t read or write properly he is nine. His mum died when he was three and his dad spent every weekend teaching him boy things not reading and writing. The four of us were in a private school together from being five years old, we stick together to stop him being bossed around by others. I have two nannies who taught me to read and write and do sums horse riding and other sports. I had to learn judo, boxing, swimming from four years old, now it gives me an advantage over older boys who try to tease him.

‘Thank you for telling me about Peter I will not mention it to anyone. His dad is the manager of the sawmill on Lord Blocky’s Estate. I meet his dad once a month to discuss forestry management, we mainly discuss any problem areas with the wild animals, or poachers stealing deer or pheasants and salmon poaching, taking rabbits to feed their families is fine.’

We caught up with the other boys just in time to see Peter finishing his drawing it was a masterpiece, he had caught the light shimmering in the waterfall with stones and mist spray it was so real. It brought tears to my eyes. I thought, this is an absolute genius with colours I will mention this to May this boy’s talent must be encouraged one day he will be a great artist.

‘I think Peter should take the next lead’ the other three boys cheered him on they give him no time to refuse. You could tell by his face he was thrilled to have the chance to be a leader, grinning from ear to ear. He shouted ‘Come on men it’s time to move on.’ We all cheered as he set off to walk towards the waterfall it looked as if a rock was blocking the path.

‘We might have to go back and find another way I‘ll go forward to check, at the edge of the rock, he disappeared and we could only hear  the sound of the waterfall, then he reappeared on the other side, come on you can walk behind the waterfall there is a massive cave we could all hide in it.’ Once we were in the cave we could see through the waterfall. Peter said ‘Move back into the cave I must draw what I see through the water’


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