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It is Time See 201 blog Three Goals

It is Time

It is time to start the next phase of my three challenges. To eradicate the difficult problem of dyslexia.

From my research many factors have emerged.

Now with fantastic facilities such as computers, I phones types of I pads etc and of course pen and paper.

There are many ways to learn the alphabet CD’s to sing to games to mime and sing the letters. I know of two year-old who can use a pad for her cartoons.

My granddaughter and I use to play a game High and low if I said in a high voice any letter it was a capital she would draw a capital (any letter) not sticking to the sequence.

Use the same method for the low case letters.

Ditto with a key-board this created hours of fun.

If any errors show in the letter shape then it is easy to correct them at this stage example letters wrote reversed.

Once the basic lettering is correct we will move on to the next stage.

I received no help with writing result I never knew what was wrong with my letters when I was young it was during the second world war with a teacher ratio of 45 to1 and time lost going into air raid shelters so I do not blame the teachers. Even pencils were in short supply. No such things as keyboards. This si ydyslexia beeginz.

Love to hear from your little tests a short e-mail


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