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Valentine Grump

The hearts go flying through the air

The kisses planted everywhere

The cards come dropping through the door

Yes! It’s Valentine’s Day once more

The girls, dash to read the names

The boy’s, expecting cards from dames

Husbands, hoping girl friends don’t

Wives, know their husbands won’t

The expectations when the postman knocks

Hearts beat faster, then the shocks

Husband receives all four cards

Is it the kids? Or is it his pards

Now! The husband try’s to laugh it off

But the kids just stand and scoff and scoff

Wife now standing with hands on hips

Now! It’s time to read my lips

Lip reading, is not my strongest cue

But yes! The message is getting through

If a card or flowers are not forthcoming

You will! Be moving out and slumming

A decision was made in such great haste

For flowers and a meal of taste

The kids egged her on to have a go

At unromantic husband Joe


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