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The Ugly Teachers

May the 26th 1942 Is a day I will never forget. there was to be an inspection By the school board man. As young children we did not know the impotence. This man entered the room with miss Nicholson the head. Miss Grant our room teacher was to ask the class a question we were all expected to know the answer. you had to put our hands up.

Then he wandered around we were were to write a story about How I help my father I struggled to write less than half of one page.

‘Why have you wrote so little? Asked the Man

‘Because my dad died on the 6th of May 20 days ago Sir.’

‘That is not an excuse you should  have made something up.’  said Miss Nicholson.

After the man left, Miss Nicholson Returned to the classroom and called me out in-front of the whole class her actual words were ‘Come out Johnson I didn’t like the look on your face.’ I then received three straps on each hand.

I look’ed at both of them Defiantly then said. ‘Well I don’t Like the look of yours’ I then received a further three on each hand as I gritted my teeth

Then repliied ‘You will never make me cry.’


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