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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

About five years ago I started to cook two quarter-pounder Beef burgers under the grill. I was caught short and rushed to the bathroom leaving the grill on full. on return flames were cumming out of the grill and setting fire to the rubber seals around the oven door.

Throwing a towel into a dish of water. then putting on oven gloves reaching through the flames to turn the heat off. the grill door folds down level still with the oven gloves on I removed the grill pan onto the door grabbed the water soaked  towel and put out the flames  in the pan that left the rubber door seals burning inside the glass panels remembering my fire training not to stand in front of the  glass the oven door exploded blowing out the fire. satisfied the fire was out.

My wife asked ‘If I was hurt.

When I said ‘no’

‘Good I have the insurance policy no complications with injury;

hows the dinner cumming along?’

‘Everything is smoked’

‘That makes a nice change. How’s the beefburgers?

‘Less than a quarter the size and burnt black right through’ I said

‘Are they done enough for you? I know you like them well- done

‘You should have gone for fish and chips!’

Which I did




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