In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Memories For Sale.”

The first time I remember the song it was played intensely over and over again in July 1962 The song was I Remember You  by Frank Ifield  Including at our wedding 28 July 1962. we had our honeymoon in Keswick  in the lake district. Out of every premises that held a music licence  blasted I Remember You.

At the time we had a three wheeler van as old as myself this contraption had a motorcycle front and a van body not the sort  of vehicle to sweep a girl off her feet, still it served us well for four years. it sort of grew on us. Thirty years on we came across a one like it In a museum there lying on the seat Frank Ifield I Remember You. I bought it. Eventually it went to a charity shop along with  our collection of 78 and 33 vinyl records, thinking that’s it gone it had felt as if  we were being haunted by it. Three weeks ago we went to a car boot sale. on the tables of three different stalls. you have guessed                     I Remember You. together we declined to buy it


The Record Sleve


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