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A Moment In Time

The fire bell rang to evacuate the college,people rushed down three flights of stairs to the positions they were located furthest away from the building.standing there in hailstones while our names ticked off from the register. then they announced it was a false alarm. We returned to the class and started work. Another Fire bell everybody out only this time heavy rain. we all returned for a second time. Then the third time everybody soaked to the skin this time they caught the culprit.

A boy with learning difficulties only read Break glass and he wandered around the college following instructions and could not understand why people were running out every time he did it. Then his mother said ‘he is clever reading the words and doing what he did’  That was not the opinion of everyone soaked to the skin. With all that said it proved the system was very efficient. the building had been cleared in less than two minutes on all three occasions  This is a true story.


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