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Valuable Experience

Being on the Blogging 101 course. Is having a guiding hand to tidy up my blog, when I compare it with my early efforts.

My confidence within has improved and I am starting to enjoy other peoples blogs. I enjoy the comments I receive and learn from them. when I was a young boy Quill pens had just been replaced with nibs on sticks.the school had one typewriter for the school head master. we were not allowed to see it.

I whole heatedly welcome   the new methods of written communication It is fabulous to see two year-old children playing with tablets even before learning to read or write it gives them the confidence to handle them with all the modern training methods built in.

When my three year old grandson asked ‘if he could use my computer to show me what he could do’. This made for a very interesting afternoon he explained it was a bit like his tablet. I can spell my name and type it out. he then typed out his address then he pointed to the words on the screen and read them. Then he said ‘I can do it on paper and pencil but it is very messy and the letters and words look a mess and difficult to read. I like my tablet best.

The next time I saw him now five year old  he wanted to read to me. Sitting on my knee he started to read his book on the first page the word crocodile. ‘So I said that’s a big word’ ‘Not if you break it down  cro co dile  learn the parts then say them faster and faster the words all join up to crocodile.I can do it with other words Mac a roni  is macaroni  then he typed it on my computer. ‘Did you learn this at school?’  ‘No my dad showed me when he read me bedtime stories and I copy them on my tablet’ and save them.

This was a great learning experience for me to see a child enjoying learning.

Now I am enjoying the same will to learn on blogging 101 Thanks a Million


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