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Winter Blues

Winter Blues

BY Ray Johnson

The pessimist

The nights are growing longer,

The wind is growing stronger

The icicles growing yonder

The optimist

The days are growing brighter

The clouds are growing whiter

The days are growing lighter

Which version makes you feel miserable, down cast, jaded or a pain to others?

Which version makes you feel better, livelier and more get up and go?

Be positive. Smile at others.  This brings out the happy sides of others.

Winter Sale

When I left school

My first job, was

To have a winter sale

I tried it in the high street

But all to no avail

When I explained

The bargains of

Winter snow and ice

Or Hail stones

Plus bad weather

All at a bargain price

Even Icy roads

And footpaths

All thrown in


Didn’t tempt the punters

To come and buy from me

Then I took a market stall

When success came to me

Instead of selling winters,

I sell; hot cups of tea.


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