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A dream reader


Emotional turmoil, all at sea,
Overpowering and controlling me,
An action, comment, an activity
A partnership, relationship a want to be free.

Running wild, out of control,
Anxiety, stressed , a troubled soul,
Uncomfortable feelings, taking their toll
Conflicting decisions, a big black hole.

I worry and fret, unable to cope,
They come and go, we live in hope,
Eventually we learn to compensate
how to live with love and hate.

I am who I am, nothing will change,
Tried for years to rearrange,
My life, my friends, my personality
Emotional turmoil, it’s what drives me.

I have read this poem several times with a feeling of a hidden message within the poem

Beyond your own control,Thinking of too many things and solving nothing, Everything is churning without answers’ ‘I have discussed this poem with him’  ‘I know of others who can’t sleep at night because of this how did you know from a poem’


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