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Blogging 101 introduction

Hi I ‘am Ray Johnson aged 77. From Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland England

I have suffered Dyslexia all my life , although it had a different name then. this can be read about in my blog rayatdyslexaunite@word press .com   The title is wrote in a dyslexic style Ie. all the words running together.

What is important to me is to ex-plane to everyone why it happens and how it can be prevented. It begins in very early childhood two year old onward. One of many skills  a dyslexic has is observation by observing children from a dyslexic viewpoint and comparing what they are taught or not taught to what I was not taught it soon becomes clear the difference.

I hope over the next 12 months to run a series of Blogs explaining the problems causes and solutions to help Parents to help young children. (I just started at the age of sixty) I have over one hundred  poems and short stories published there are three books listed. the small  proceeds go towards research and development. that is why I decided to go public to spread the information I have collected free for the benefit of others.  most information and guidance has been developed by academics; who are not dyslexic the result a lot of unhelpful suggestions which causes further stress.  Looking forward to the challenge and meeting other bloggers.


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