The snowmen

The Snowmen
The night the snowmen came alive
Was a freezing foggy night!
The boys and girls were sleeping
The park was locked up tight

First their heads all turned around
Their bodies followed suit
The owls called to one another
They thought it was a hoot

Then they started shuffling
A circle they did make
They gathered around the bandstand
To dance the night awake

The band was playing “silent night”
That’s how no one could hear
The mystery that was going on
This night of Christmas cheer

The sun was rising from the east
Three wise men did appear
When they saw this special sight
They gave a silent cheer

The park keeper then opened up
Looked at the snowmen traces
Then whispered way out loud
They all have smiling faces

When “Christmas” comes and nights are dark
And snowmen stand their ground
There looking for snow women
But there’s none of them around


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