Santa’s Panto

Santa’s Panto

I cast my eyes up to the sky

‘It looks like rain dear passing by’

‘But it’s not forecast for today’

‘I didn’t mention, “Santa’s sleigh

There he was in his cloak of red

While most people were still in bed

Looking for the present list

To see if anyone was missed

A large staff for little John

For him to rest his weight upon

Friar Tuck a special seat

For him to sit and eat and eat

A glass slipper for Cinderella

Prince charming yes that’s her fella

Three ugly sisters at the ball

Not the fairest of them all

There’s Dick Whittington with his cat

He’s always dressed in a funny hat

I guess he’s bound for London town

Fancy’s wearing the Lord Mayors crown

Snow white is looking very cute

The wicked Queen with poison Fruit

The seven dwarfs with spade and pick

And sneezy looking very sick

Aladdin and his magic lamp

Ali Ba Ba, that thieving tramp

The goose that laid the golden egg

Long john Silver, with his wooden leg

Jack planted beans and grew a stalk

And Peter Pan learnt how to walk

Santa’s panto comes to an end

With lovely presents for every friend


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