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Dyscalculia. Six people in every hundred suffer this.
(Number blindness) or number confusion between the numbers 3 and 8
5 and 6 1 and 10
In conversation
‘Normally I have no problem with maths either using computers, calculators or long hand.
Until I have to rush, the numbers take on shapes of their own then all the calculations go wrong. (Print in the wrong numbers you get the wrong answers out) when you’re dealing with large numbers on a spread sheet one number wrong and none of the numbers will balance and it takes hours of work and a lot of tears sometimes only help can put it right. Sometimes I am called stupid which makes the problem worse.
I was expected to get A grade maths and only received D in my GCEs
‘I was upset at the results, and then my parents were devastated blaming me for not trying that I had wasted education. No one would listen to me.’
‘I would like to explain to you what happens, please correct me if I am wrong’
the key words are until I have to rush
1 First thing happens is the word Rush creates internal panic.
2 The next is the volume of work appears as if it is out of all proportion.
3 You think I will never get all this done in time. Usually you do twice as much.
4 Accuracy is vital. this strengthens the panic.
5 The figures on the hand written sheets are scribbled. To be entered on the spread sheet. Accuracy is Vital
6 Then a vision headache starts with the top rear of your head heating up.
7 Then the numbers blur.
8 And eventually the sheet you are copying from looks as if the figures are falling off.
9 You start rocking back and forward towards the computer monitior.
10 Your ability to think is almost impossible.

‘That is exactly as it happens I thought I was the only one, people would say you’re talking rubbish don’t make excuses and call me other names.’

‘This is also how Dyslexia suffers are treated.’

I will take this further in a new information sheet on my blog.


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