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One In Every Ten people

One in Every Ten People on Earth
One in every ten people on earth suffers dyslexia what a terrifying thought. This is a failure of everyone.
First when babies are very young, take them out in prams or buggies where they can see you. Talk to them about everything they see. I used to get strange looks, he is talking to a baby she is my granddaughter. Within a year you will be amazed at what they will point out to you.
Example she stopped under a tree and point to birdies home the one I showed her a year ago.
In my day children should be seen and not herd.
What a lost opportunity to listen to the sound of words, because they will try to say them when there are alone. They can take in a lot of information before they can talk. Another example my daughter would read stories to her at bed time every night.
One night I took her to bed, ‘so I asked her to show me a book she would like me to read.’
Very soon she closed her eyes, so I missed one word out she opened one eye, ‘you missed a word. I know every word of the story.’ she laughed.
‘What about you’re other books?’
‘I know all the stories’ I left her giggling to herself as I went down stairs, before I could say a word. My Daughter ‘Asked did you try to miss out a word? One eye would come open and tell you the word you missed.’ She can’t read the words but she follows them with her finger as I read them. So she knows the sound of the word shapes.
I wish someone had spent the time teaching me that way.
One time at school I had to read out in front of the whole class, it was a picture book with writing at the bottom. I read out to the class the story I made up from the pictures. They all clapped including the teacher then she said that is a very good story, not the printed one. I was nearly six then.
Take the modern day lunacy
You can’t say black board it has to be a chalk board and yet you have to order Black Ink for your printer. Who? by name makes these rulings of so called political correctness.
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One thought on “One In Every Ten people

  1. Do you wear dark glasses everywhere, too? I started doing it in my mid 20’s and it cut down on the headaches (and also the nausea from looking at bright yellow –as in yellow writing pads). There are things we gravitate to on our own just to find relief from trying to see words or make sense of the world. Noir 23’s help a lot when the sun is bright (especially when driving). They’re expensive, but the color contrast is excellent. And I rely heavily on color to describe my surroundings.


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