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About Dyslexia Panic 2

About Dyslexia Panic 2

This is a follow on from About Dyslexia Panic.

Up until the nineties I just accepted the situation the freezing at the sight of forms.

Then I had a very near accident which caused a serious panic attack. In a way it changed my life.

Because I studied Panic in its many forms and then applied it to different situations. And in each case the cause came from inside then affecting the brain and head overheating, including migraine headaches.

By cooling the head the panic disappeared, clear thinking returned and headaches disappeared.

I tested this out quite a few times and it worked every time.

Then I had to fill in a form result panic

By using the head cooling method the panic cleared; the form was just a list of questions to be answered.

To help you experience this and test it for yourself.

Place two fingers in cold water drag them from temple to temple leaving the brow wet using a piece of paper or fan gently working the moving air across your brow result as above. At a later date, I will give you another method this one is the simplest one. Please reply with your experience.


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