By Raymond Johnson

I have experienced receiving rejection slips. I blamed myself thinking the story content was not good enough. And yet other members of different writing clubs enjoyed my stories. Comments like I wish I had your imagination for detail.

The comment I printed in my blog about the um-lady ‘this is not readable’ and yet I had just read it out, this reminded me of my school teacher throwing my book on the floor then kicking it to me, when I was twelve years old.

Her comment, ‘A spider could have done better.’ I went home and cried explaining I really had tried, it is my best work. Parents comment “Don’t worry you don’t have to write down pit.” In the last six years I have been helped by all the members of a group of writers to understand what is wrong. Every week there is an improvement. When I first started they needed an editor or interpreter, I could read my work very easily. using their suggestions for changes they can read my work easily. ‘Now you are almost there.’

I can now understand the Rejection slips. There are thousands of us wishing to enjoy the excitement of being published. This is where I can help you to enjoy your dream. In the column “Books” all books published will be written by dyslexic writers.

There are a few ways

Very short stories written by a group of writers (two –four pages each).

Children’s short stories from four to seven year olds as a collection

Four or five writer’s stories in an anthology (forty—to sixty five pages each)

Full length stories from one hundred pages upwards.

Poetry published as anthologies

Each story will be assigned to an editor at No cost to you the copywrite will remain yours.

When the book is ready we will publish it in our book column and on Kindle and kobo you will be paid 50% Royalties shared by the number of writers on every book sold.

Attached to this is a form where it says comments write a small synopsis of your

Story so it can be assigned to the most suitable editor.

Email to                            


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