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About Dyslexia Panic

Internal panicking

in my experience it is triggered by filling forms, exams, tests, time restriction and much more. the effect is word blindness or freezing up and not being able to write. My first real experience was a test in the army (aged 21) it was an engineering test lasting 20 minutes. I failed this totally (written) I was then called into  to see the Officer ‘You have a problem, I will ask you the questions first before I say more ‘ he went through all the questions on the paper. I answered every question one hundred percent.

Then asked how did i feel?   ‘fine totally relaxed’

How did you feel when doing the written exam    ‘locked up tight inside and could not think’

‘I have come across this before,  first on the verbal questioning 100%   on the written test 14.5%  have you had experience of this, I will call it freezing, at the sight of papers with questions on for example school tests?’


‘Is it worse when there is a time limit


at the moment this is word blindness which makes it impossible for you to spell or write properly  your thought processes are frozen. or disorientated the more you try the worse it gets. Also you will have more difficulty reading hand writing on blackboards etc

‘Yes this is true I can learn anything if I am shown but have difficulty trying to learn from reading because I can’t visualize it . once I have the knowledge I can recall it at will’.

Thank you for being so candid with me I hope that some day you can find an answer I can understand the frustration you must feel which gives rise to bulling by  uninformed people.


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