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What is Dyslexia?

What is Dyslexia?

We are a worldwide multinational group of gifted people this is a bold statement to make. Also it is true.

We are often called many horrible names which causes an inferiority complex.

There are many advantages to being dyslexic.

We can think differently examples   think laterality, think three dimensional, analyse as if we have x-ray eyes. And have a great observation for fine detail.

Thinking Lateral   Example poetry when we write, it is mainly from within the poem

Thinking three dimensional Examples; Looking at a shape that contains an item that you know and position it within that space.

Analyse this is difficult to explain if you know how a thing works then visualising all the components within the machine and then say what is wrong before it is dismantled.

Observation for fine detail Example People look at a painting of a rose most look at it and say what a nice painting of a rose, a dyslexic looks at the same painting and comments; that is a very fine yellow rose with its fine trace lines of pale red in its petals and the thorns on its stems and the shades of glossy green leaves delicately highlighting the engraving on the chassed Glass vase.

Now start thinking of it as a gift.  And we can move forward. Looking forward to reading all your comments.  Send to


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