Seventy Years or Regression

70 Years of Regression

70 years ago it was approximately 6% of the world population had word blindness In Nineteen seventy it grew a name Dyslexia; this did not help, except it appeared as a medical condition. Let’s just call it a problem 70 years on it is now 10% of the world population. It is not a disease or a viral infection. It is a teaching problem the same as any other teaching course.  However the problem can be passed down within the family . (I will explain later)

I was 60 when I was informed I had a real problem and what it was. And yet my vision for detail was far above the average. I qualified as an Engineer and later as a Holistic therapist FIIHHT after retirement.  I Took a few writing courses these were interested in content rather than punctuation.

At the age of 70 I was invited to join a writing club after having over 100 poems and short stories published, using the wonderful tool a computer. We supplied each member with a copy of our work. each one reading out their stories in turn. I read my story very clearly, very good story content. UN-readable on paper according to one er-lady! This is when the problem hit very hard. The chairman stepped in ‘Can I ask are you Dyslexic?’  ‘I answered Yes’

‘I can help you I am a retired Head Master specialist subject English. I have  one regret and that is I and my fellow teachers did not understand WORD BLINDNESS it was some of the brightest pupils in the school had this problem because they were bright in other subjects it was considered they were taking the P therefore received a canning week after week.

As a child I did not understand what I was doing wrong. I did my best then after a canning I had to stand facing the wall while the rest of the class continued learning from the blackboard. I developed a hatred for reading and writing I did not read fiction, result a very slow reader, but a good memory for work related facts and the spelling of trade connected words this is long before computers, tele- communicators, radio, before television, space exploration, sat navigation I-Pads, tablets, even  transport.  All this has been developed yet Dyslexia has taken a two thirds step backwards.

I am 76. Over the last six years many problems have been resolved. This re-kindled my research for the cause of Dyslexia. Breaking down my life into minute fragments;   Starting from my very early childhood.

The answers came in the strangest of ways. I will list them and a solution on each Blog you are welcome to try them out. And I will welcome your comments.

The confusion between Left and Right can have very serious consequences.  Has a very simple solution standing in a corner face one wall moving to the side like a crab; it can be a game for tiny tots or adult training. Move the left arm and left leg to the side the sequence is left close, left close, left close, left  close, repeating in your mind around the room twice per secession as many times as it takes until anytime someone says left, it is automatic that you think left only…DO NOT MENTION THE R WORD. anything different will be forward, backward or right

All comments or questions welcome. On any of your problems, I am sure we will all benefit by helping each other. Next Blog will be from Birth.


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